Privacy Policy for mobile applications and Website 

The information that you have the obligation to include the apps in your privacy policy should be as clear and complete as possible. An example of privacy policy used in applications should include the following sections: 

Collection and processing of personal data 

The personal data are those that can be used to identify a person or get in touch with them. 

Deliveryfoodpr can request personal data of users when accessing applications of the company or other affiliated companies as well as the possibility that among these companies they can share this data to improve products and services offered, if these personal data are not provided, in many cases we will not be able to offer The products or services requested. 

These are some examples of the categories of personal data that Deliveryfoodpr can collect and the purpose for which it can carry out the processing of this data. 

What personal data can be collected? 

Purpose of the processing of personal data 

Deliveryfoodpr may use the personal data collected to: 

Collection and processing of non-personal data 

Deliveryfoodpr will also collect data in a way that, by itself, can not be associated directly to a specific person. These non-personal data can be collected, processed, transferred and published with any intention. These are some examples of the types of non-personal data that Deliveryfoodpr can collect and the purposes for which it is processed: 

If we collect data of a non-personal nature with personal data, the mixed data will be treated as personal data while they are still combined. 

Disclosure to third parties 

Occasionally Deliveryfoodpr can provide certain personal data to strategic partners who work with us to provide products and services or help us in our marketing activities. The data will not be shared with any third party for its own marketing purposes. 

Service providers 

Deliveryfoodpr will share personal data with companies that deal, among other activities, with providing data processing services, grant credits, process customer orders, present their products, improve customer data, provide customer service to the client, evaluate their interest in products and services and conduct research on clients or their degree of satisfaction. 

Other third parties 

It is possible that Deliveryfoodpr discloses personal data by legal mandate, within the framework of a judicial process or at the request of a public authority, both inside and outside of their country of residence. Likewise, personal information may be published if necessary or convenient for reasons of national security, to comply with current legislation or for other relevant reasons of public order. 

Protection of personal data 

Deliveryfoodpr will guarantee the protection of personal data by means of encryption during transit and, those housed in facilities, with physical security measures. 

By using certain products, services or applications or by posting opinions in forums, chat rooms or social networks, the content and personal data that is shared will be visible to other users, who will be able to read, compile or compile them. use them You will be responsible for the personal data that you distribute or provide in these cases. 

Integrity and preservation of personal data 

Deliveryfoodpr will guarantee the accuracy and quality of personal data, they will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, unless the law requires to keep them for longer. 

Access to personal data 

Regarding the personal data we keep, Deliveryfoodpr offers you access to them for any purpose, including requests for rectification if they are incorrect or elimination if you are not obliged to keep them by legal imperative or for legitimate business reasons. We reserve the right not to process requests that are inappropriate or vexatious, that put at risk the privacy of third parties, that are unfeasible or for which local legislation does not require right of access. Requests for access, rectification or deletion may be sent to our address Bayamón Puerto Rico or e-mail account 

Children and education 

Deliveryfoodpr is aware of the need to establish additional precautions to preserve the privacy and security of minors who use the applications and to request the consent of their parents in case they do not meet the minimum age required by law (in Puerto Rico, 16 years old). 

If personal data has been collected from a child under 16, without the necessary consent, that information should be deleted as soon as possible. 

Location services 

To provide location services Deliveryfoodpr will be able to gather, use and share exact data about locations, including the real-time geographical location of your computer or your device. Unless you give us your consent, this location data is collected anonymously so that it can not be used to identify you personally, and is used to supply and improve your localization products and services. 

Web pages and third-party services 

Applications may contain links to web pages, products and services of third parties. They may also use or offer third-party products or services. The collection of data by third parties, introducing data on geographical locations or contact data, will be guided by their respective privacy policies. We recommend consulting the privacy policies of those third parties.

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